This body of work is dimensional, created like "sculptures for the wall".

Each piece uses aluminum or copper as a base, with special grinds to achieve a shimmery, almost holographic effect.

Secondary layers of metallic acrylic are then applied in a variety of methods like sponges, trowels and rollers. The work is painted flat, and then bends them into curved frames.

 This curving, dynamic work casts intriguing shadows and change light and color as the day or light changes. Most frames are just fine outside on patios or under eaves, and all metal frames are also available. the top coating is a clear special polymer that seals the colors and prevents any type of tarnish.


I love to do custom projects and sizes and colors. Please feel free to call or text me anytime,

Computer mockups confirm your approval before finish.  

Custom pricing on request.





Cary Henrie

cell: 801.891.2538